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(Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

One of the PLN concrete steps that will be realized until the year 2009 is to build a 10,000 MW power plant project. Perhaps some reason for choosing this solution because it needs electricity for the State 30% donated by the Suralaya power plant made from raw coal, and as stated above that of national coal reserves are quite high. The problem is the main source of emissions of carbon dioxide producer globally, namely coal-powered electricity generation. This power station waste twice the energy of the energy produced. For instance, the energy used 100 units, while the energy produced 35 units. Thus, the energy wasted is 65 units! Every 1000 megawatts generated from coal-powered power plants would emit 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide per year which is one of the greenhouse gases causing global warming.

Furthermore, if we use gas fuel, it is relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. However, our gas reserves are limited. Not to mention the competition with public consumption because of PT. Pertamina currently doing a conversion program kerosene to gas fuel. Obviously this is a competitive two things.

There was also the utilization of geothermal energy could be a cheap alternative and environmentally friendly. But the utilization of geothermal energy can not be maximal because the supply is very limited and the technology to manage it is considered expensive. What about the energy of water power? This energy is among the most expensive to be used. However, constraints that often occurs is when the dry season comes. Water sources which are often used as a power ebbed and much less so can not operate optimally.

Furthermore what about nuclear technology? Perhaps our nation's technology could be capable. But the history of this technology in the case of the Soviet Union and the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki became traumatized to the world at large. Surely the problem is the socialization of time long enough to handle the risks of this technology.

As one of the above energy solution of solar energy or solar power. Emitted by the sun's energy to the planet Earth is 15,000 times larger than the global energy use and 100 times greater than the reserves of coal, gas, and oil. Sun's energy problems may be somewhat similar to nuclear energy. Actually the technology was able to manage Indonesia. Even the latest technology has been able to convert 10-20% of the sun rays into solar power. Theoretically to provide for global energy needs, the placement of the equipment requires only less than one percent of the earth's surface, is not an efficient thing!

But as a country located at the equator of the earth that have abundant energy of sunlight can not use it in a well. Utilization of solar energy has been recently used as a water heater in the luxury homes or hotels, and even then still imported products. In fact, in European countries are relatively poor northern sun, just lots of utilizing solar energy as renewable energy, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. What about the Indonesian people?

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